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Bethel Park TV: Empowering Women

Mary Ann is featured on a series hosted by Bethel Park TV to discuss her profession and how she can help you through your family’s divorce.

Spousal IRA Contributions and Divorce

A spousal IRA or Roth IRA contribution can be made when one spouse has earned income and the other little or no income. Since there are no joint IRAs, the ono-income earning spouse still has to establish a separate IRA account. Contributions can be made one year and not another. What happens if the income […]

Avoiding Financial Disaster In Divorce

Negotiate a reasonable settlement -Put together a strong team of experts. As a CDFA™ I can make sure you will be able to live with the financial decisions you make today for both now and in the future. “Don’t live above your means” – Know your expenses. Create a budget on paper or ask your […]